The RTS17 built-in transmitter can be connected to a live power source of between 5 V and 24 V AC or 6 V and 32 V DC.

As soon as the transmitter is supplied with power, it transmits a telegram with the transmission code A for a maximum of 10 seconds.

Usually this built-in transmitter is used to forward ringing signals from a standard bell system to the RCP24 radio bell.

Technical specifications
Coding factory coding with Easywave telegram
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 1
Range typically 150 m in good free-field conditions
Power supply 5 V - 24 V AC
6 V - 32 V DC
Operation via the connected power source
Function depends on the receiver (see models)
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions 18 x 26,5 x 12 mm (without connecting wires)
Weight approx. 5 g
Scope of delivery
  • Built-in transmitter
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description
RTS17E5001A01-K Built-in transmitter, Easywave, 1x PULSE, 5-24V AC / 6-32V DC
Connection Diagram