The RT42 and RT43 are radio transmitters designed for universal use. They can be used together with any Easywave receiver and in any of the operating modes available.

The RT43 is the standard version with a plastic bracket, whereas the RT42, the premium version, is equipped with a chrome-plated metal bracket.

The Transmitter can be used to control roller shutters for example or, more generally, to switch electrical devices on or off.

An easily visible LED lights up when the battery needs to be changed.

Technical specifications
Coding factory coding with Easywave telegram
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 4
Range typically 150 m in good free-field conditions
Power supply 1x 3V battery, CR2032
Operating indicator LED
Operation transmission lasts as long as the button is pressed
(maximum 36 seconds)
Function depends on the receiver (see models)
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions 37 x 61,5 x 10,7 mm
Weight RT42: 30 g (including battery)
RT43: 18 g (including battery)
Color black similar to RAL 9005


Scope of delivery
  • Hand transmitter including battery
  • Key protection
  • Operating manual
Zubehör (optional)
RT42-ACC-01-21U key protection for RT42/RT43
black similar to RAL9005

Product numbers Description
RT42E5004-01-21K Hand transmitter, Easywave, 4x PULSE, metal bracket, black
RT43E5004-01-21K Hand transmitter, Easywave, 4x PULSE, plastic bracket, black