The RCP24 plug-in radio bell socket emits a visual and acoustic signal. When a signal of a programmed Easywave radio transmitter is detected, the set ringtone is sounds twice. The ring tone length depends on the selected melody.

In total, 32 transmitters can be programmed, each transmitter is assigned one of 12 ring tones.

The volume can be adjusted in three stages and applies to all programmed transmitters. An LED flashlight can be switched on as an option.

The RCP24 is also able to analyze undervoltage telegrams, signaling that the batteries in compatible radio transmitters are too low.

The RCP24 consumes only 0,2 W in standby mode.

Technical specifications
Coding Easywave
Up to 32 transmitters can be programmed.
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 1
Melodies 12
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz (protective contact)
Power consumption 0.2 W standby
Volume at a distance of 30cm:
80 dB (soft), 85 dB (medium), 90 dB (loud)
Operating temperature -20 °C to +35 °C
Dimensions 71,4 x 71,4 x 75,5 mm
Color white similar to RAL 9003
Scope of delivery
  • Plug-in socket radio bell
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description
RCP24E5001A01-K Plug-in socket radio bell 1-channel, white
Melody 1 - Gong:

Melody 2 - 2-tone slow:

Melody 3 - 3-tone slow:

Melody 4 - 3-tone fast:

Melody 5 - 2-tone fast:

Melody 6 - 3-tone gong:

Melody 7 - 3-sound:

Melody 8 - Westminster:

Melody 9 - Brother John:

Melody 10 - Symphony Nr.5:

Melody 11 - My hat it has three corners:

Melody 12 - Gong 2: