The cascadable RXP03 plug-in socket repeater receives Easywave radio telegrams and retransmits them after a delay of approx. 0.3 seconds.

When using the maximum of three possible repeaters, the range of a radio transmitter can be increased by almost three times.

This new version of the RXP03 is fully compatible with its predecessor, but has been extended with the option of cascading.

Up to three repeaters can be used to extend a radio link without causing interference or resonance rise of the system.

The mains output is not switched and thus remains fully usable.

Technical specifications
Coding Easywave
Up to 32 transmitters can be programmed.
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Transmission delay 270 ms
Range typically 150 m in good free-field conditions
Power supply 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power Consumption 0,5 W stand by
Outputs power outlet: country-specific plug system
Maximum contact load mains voltage (not switchable): 10 A / 230 V AC
Operating temperature -20 °C to +35 °C
Dimensions 50 x 120 x 75 mm
Color white similar to RAL 9003
Plug system
Scope of delivery
  • Plug-in socket repeater cascadable
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description Plug system
RXP03E5001B01-01K Plug-in socket repeater 1-channel, white D/A/NL/S/N
RXP03E5001B02-01K Plug-in socket repeater 1-channel, white GB
RXP03E5001B04-01K Plug-in socket repeater 1-channel, white F/B/PL
RXP03E5001B05-01K Plug-in socket repeater 1-channel, white CH