With an Easywave transmitter, you can transmit a signal to the “Easywave Fon” telephone at the touch of a button. The telephone then dials three preprogrammed telephone numbers one after the other.

If the recipient confirms the call by pressing the “5” button, a conversation can be carried out for three minutes using the integrated hands-free equipment.

The telephone provides persons in need of care with an ideal means of calling for help in “emergency situations”.

Along with the obligatory wristband or necklace transmitters, wall transmitters or fall mats, for example, can also be used. A total of five transmission codes can be programmed into the telephone.

Technical specifications
Coding Easywave
5 transmitters can be programmed.
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Power supply 9 V DC (AC adapter included)
Connection F/RJ11 analog telephone plug
Dimensions 180 x 205 x 86 mm
Colour anthracite

Phone Details
Telephone with large buttons, backlit display and clock
Hands-free function
3 direct call photo buttons
Splashproof wristband transmitter
30 s pre-recorded or user-recordable outgoing message
Visual call indicator
Compatible with hearing aids
Up to +40 dB increase of the receiver volume
Adjustable ringtone volume
99 phone book entries are possible
Selectable menu language (DE, FR, IT, GB, NL, ES)
Caller number (CLIP) and call history (64 calls) display
Scope of delivery
  • Telephone
  • AC adapter, wall holder
  • TAE-F/RJ11 telephone cable
  • TT89/RJ11 telephone cable
  • RT26 wristband transmitter
    including battery
  • Operating manual
Product numbers Description
APF01E5000A01 Easywave Fon including RT26 wristband transmitter